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VILLA DE 1945is aheritage boutique hotel locatedjust a few minutes from the city of Mahe, Kerala State, Puducherry, . It offers you a chance to unwind, let go and embrace life itselfbetween the hustle and bustle of the city. Mahé, also known as Mayyazhi, is a town on India’s southwest coast. Set amidst the French colonial heritage city, Villa De 1945 will let you experience the history of French settlements, forts,ruinsand much more. This heritage hotel is situated next to thepicturesqueWalkway beach and is surrounded bylush greenery for you to get in touch with the waves, sand and nature.Villa de 1945 is a perfect destination for family getaways, and celebrations.

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The royal treatment on offer at Mahe’strue heritage hotel is complemented by the calming influence of the elements of nature. Heading off to explore the city, Villa de 1945 is a great place to start with. British and French inspired interiors and design will truly make your stay an ecstatic one. The moment you enter the main gate you see it’sample parking space. If you are looking for a real luxurious experience with a true Kerala flavour, then we are the right place for you!

What We Offer

Villa de 1945 features brightly colored architecture and finer wooden tones to create an atmosphere that invites relaxation. Just a short walk from the walkway beach, our hotel makes beachgetaways easy. After a day in the water, you can refuel with the seafood and continental restaurant before heading to one of the 14rooms and suites for the night. Villa De 1945is where you would want to spend yourtime with familyenjoying the epitome of luxury and comfort in a stay close to the beach. The most lavish of all are the exceptionally spacious6 deluxe rooms and 8 royal suite rooms with all amenities and facilities. Our deluxe rooms can comfortably cater toa familyof three, with availability of additional cots and our royal suite rooms can occupy 2 members making it very special and private. . Every day ends with a good night’s sleep, and at Villa de 1945, our super-comfy rooms with the perfect ambience will ensure you’ll be fast asleep in no time. 


Situated 5 minutes away from the Railway station and just 7 minutes to the Mahebeach, the hotel is ideally located for a fun filled vacation in Mahe. MaheBeach is the perfect place if you are looking for serenity mixed with fun. One can come and stroll on this beach and enjoy the beautiful sunset alongSomerestaurants and cafes are also available near the beach. They offer some of the most delicious food and drinks.

Historical Significance

In 1708 the East India Company constructed Thalasseri fort in Kannur. This iconic fort was the military center of the British troops. The Thalassery fort stands majestic on a rocky cliff on the Thalasseri beach. It is a monument of large historical importance now. The fort has many beautiful features that have survived hardest of the time and have survived until today. The fort has massive walls and an imposing structure with a huge gateway. There is also a lighthouse situated in the fort. The fort has a cemetery, a church and the collector’s mansion nearby. The surrounding environs lend a very mystical touch to the fort and a visit to the fort will definitely make you feel relaxed and give you peace of mind. It is said that the fort has a secret tunnel that opens out to the sea through which the inhabitants used to escape in case of an attack. So get ready to be surprised and mesmerized by the beauty and magic of the great Thalasseri fort of Kannur.